At 44 Years With Two Children, Iyabo Ojo Says She’s ‘Getting Married’ Again

Iyabo Ojo has confessed that she has a new man in her life with whom she’s might get married to.

The Nollywood actress and filmmaker has, however, stated that she would post nothing about him on social media until they get married.

In an excerpt of Showmax’s new reality TV show, ‘Real Housewives of Lagos’, where Iyabo Ojo is a cast member, she said,

“I have someone in my life. We have been together for a while. He does not like social media. He is a very private person. I don’t think I want to celebrate anybody until, probably, I am getting married again, which I don’t know if that is going to be possible… A fine girl like me must have a man.”

The mother of two also stated that people think she is difficult and wicked because she does not brook nonsense. She said, “People think I am difficult, wicked, hard, strict and rude. Everything negative is what people think I am. (However) I don’t take nonsense but I am a sweet person.”

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