Bandits Give Reason For Releasing Bank Of Agriculture MD From Captivity

The bandits behind the attack on a Kaduna-bound train say they released Alwan Hassan, acting managing director of the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), because of his “old age”.

Hassan was released on Wednesday after spending nine days in captivity.

He had been declared missing following the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28.The train, which had taken off from Abuja in the evening, was attacked in Kateri-Rijana area of Kaduna around 8:00pm.

In a video clip obtained by Daily Trust, one of the gunmen said the BOA MD begged to be released.

“We are responsible for the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train some days ago,” he said in Hausa.

“This man here [BoA MD], by Allah’s grace and his persistent plea for mercy – seeing that he is old, we pitied him.

“[Also] because of the month of Ramadan we brought him out and we will hand him over to his relatives. The government should know what it is into. We are releasing this man because we pitied him.”

Hassan confirmed that he was being allowed to go because they had compassion on him.

“I want to confirm that I have been pitied and asked to go,” the BOA MD said when he was directed to speak.

“I have left a lot of people behind and they are in a condition where they need help and saving them should be prioritised.

“I hope the government will contact the leadership of this group and facilitate their release in time.”

As of April 3, the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) said it had confirmed the safety of 186 passengers, while 22 persons were missing.

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