Carragher Rejects Call For Southgate’s Sack After England’s 4-0 Defeat To Hungary

England legend, Jamie Carragher has slammed the nation’s football fans for demanding the sack of coach, Gareth Southgate.

England suffered an embarrassing 4-0 home defeat to Hungary in the UEFA Nations League on Tuesday and the fans reacted by calling for the head of the national team coach.

The Three Lions supporters booed and jeered their players when the full-time whistle was blown, while there were also chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing” and “Sacked in the morning” directed at Southgate.

However, Carragher, a Liverpool legend was enraged by these reactions, describing the fans as ‘clowns’, and is confident this summer’s Nations League results are just a blip.

“Shut up you clowns,” tweeted Carragher in response to the chants.

“This manager has taken the country in two tournaments to the best positions since 1966.

“Also, this idea that Southgate is holding this group back is nonsense, this squad is no better than 2004/06 or 1996/98.

“Southgate has overachieved albeit with favourable draws. Rest up boys and come back to your normal level,” he said.

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