Chris Brown Accused Of Colorism Again After Woman Posts TikTok Video

 Chris Brown Accused Of Colorism Again After Woman Posts TikTok Video

A woman identified as Ashley has claimed that Brown wouldn’t allow her into his party because she was “too dark.”

Yet again, Chris Brown has been accused of colorism by another woman. Chris Brown has a skin color preference when it comes to the women he dates and allows around him. He has faced accusations of keeping dark-skinned women away from his VIP sections at nightclubs.

In 2019, Brown released his single “Need A Stack” and in it, he says, “Only wanna f*ck the Black b*tches with the nice hair.” The line caused controversy and even Tory Lanez surfaced to defend his friend, but soon, Love & Hip Hop star Tokyo Vanity came forward with a tale about her dark-skinned friend being turned away by Brown and his team.

This caused the singer to engage in a brief beef with the reality Tv star.

The woman named Ashley posted, “When Chris Breezy told Me I was too dark to get Into his party. Idk why I still like him. I must like abuse. She didn’t elaborate on when this allegedly occurred, but her comment section lit up with mixed reactions. She chimed in to add,

Guys I’m a real victim, my caption is basically my coping mechanism.

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