Creatives Treated To A Night Of Fun At The ‘Walkers District Lagos Party’

When it comes to memorable experiences it is safe to say that Johnnie Walker continually raises the bar. Last weekend, Johnnie Walker lovers, creatives and party enthusiasts were treated to a night of fun, games, art, fashion, and highball cocktails at the Walkers District Lagos Party and we are still basking in the thrill of it.

Freedom Park was converted to a mega creative district, which comprised Art, Fashion, Highball and Party districts- each offering its own unique experience. We can undoubtedly say Johnnie Walker has given us the most unique and diverse party experience in 2022 so far.

More than just a party, Walker’s District brought creatives of all sorts together to celebrate their process and growth with a magical experience. The vivacious sounds of Victony, Ajebo Hustlers, Asake, and Fave combined with the thrilling performances from DJ Titanium, DJ Tgarbs, DJ Kiss, and Wanni X Handi fueled the crowd’s excitement from start to finish.

In line with the No Labels campaign, Johnnie Walker created Walker’s District not just to empower creatives but to inspire them to Keep Walking and breaking stereotypes. We can’t help but marvel at the intentionality and symbolism of the venue; an old prison which was given a facelift as a beacon of hope for the young, striving and thriving.

Take a look at some of the exciting moments;

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