Don Jazzy Jumps On ‘Alcohol’ Challenge, Uses Groundnuts Instead

 Don Jazzy Jumps On ‘Alcohol’ Challenge, Uses Groundnuts Instead

Don Jazzy is easily the most playful celebrity on the gram.

From dropping Tiktok videos to entertain his fans, to participating in skits, to doing sexy dances. This time around, he decides to jump on the latest challenge on the gram – The Alcohol Challenge.

The ace music producer is spotted with a bottle of groundnut in hand in place of alcohol, while he feigns being heartbroken and sad as expected.

However, in his caption, Don Jazzy reveals his real intent of jumping on the video was the thought of Instagram disappearing for good.

Y’all would recall that Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp experienced a global outage yesterday and this scared Nigerians to the teeth as social media apps have been a coping mechanism for the longest.

He wrote, “Thoughts of IG disappearing for good is not funny o. I don’t wanna reason bad things no more. #alcohol

(So I did this video before I saw that @joeboyofficial said we should not pour things on our body o)”

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