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Don’t Provoke Us – Ukraine Warns Russia

Don’t Provoke Us – Ukraine Warns Russia

The Ukrainian government has warned Russia against provocations.

This is as the two countries signed a deal with the United Nations and Turkey on Friday to facilitate the export of grain.

The deal signed in Istanbul and mediated by Turkey and the UN would allow 5 million tonnes of grain exports per month from three Ukrainian ports, a senior UN official told CNN.

Ships carrying grains will now be able to navigate through a safe corridor in the Black Sea and then pass through the Bosphorus to reach global markets.

The vessels will be monitored by a Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), which will be established immediately in Istanbul and include representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN.

Among other things, vessels would be inspected before they arrive in Ukraine by Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and UN officials to ensure they are not carrying weapons.

Issuing the warning, the adviser to the Ukrainian President’s Chief of Staff, Mykhailo Podolyak, tweeted on Friday, “No transport-escort by Russian ships and no presence of Russian representatives in our ports.

“In case of provocations, an immediate military response.”

Podolyak also added that his country was not signing an agreement with Russia, but with Turkey and the UN.

He also said inspections of ships would be carried out in Ukrainian waters by joint groups, if necessary.

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