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F&S: 10 Amazing Aso Ebi Dresses Rocked By Chioma Good Hair

33-year-old Chioma Good Hair, officially known as Chioma Ikokwu is a Nigerian lawyer, entrepreneur and executive coach. She is the co-founder and CEO of Good Hair Ltd and Brass and Copper Restaurant & Lounge, alongside Kika Osunde.

But the esteemed lawyer did not capture our hearts with her swift debating skills or entrepreneurial antics, but with her amazing style contributions to the world of fashion.

Chioma steadily rose to become one of the Nigerian nation’s prominent style influencers and fashion icons. However, it seems late 2021 and 2022 could be turning a new leaf for the fashion diva bringing African brands to light.

Although, still playing the cards of the luxurious boss lady with fineness, Chioma’s wall has now embraced a lot of couture looks, not just for the cameras but also for her social appearances. Chioma has served a gorgeous amount of jaw-dropping African couture, popularly known as Aso Ebi looks

There could be no one better to experiment such eye popping outfits thank Nigeria’s very own Chioma. Prior to late 2021, we would see a limited set of Aso Ebi outfits, but none to the levels that we are witnessing at the moment. So below (plus the image above) is a composure of 10 images, her new looks, and one or two from the past, showing that the fashion queen is consolidating her position as Nigeria’s Queen of Aso Ebi.

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