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F&S: 5 Stylish Monochromatic Looks That Will Inspire You

F&S: 5 Stylish Monochromatic Looks That Will Inspire You

A monochromatic look involves using just one colour. It is an effective and easy styling tip. Instead of thinking of how to combine colours, stick to one colour scheme or use a neutral shoe or a shoe in the same colour. Even your purses should be the same colour.

1. White

First on the list of flattering colours for monochromatic outfits would be incomplete without adding white to the list. White outfits are definitely well put together with a posh, expensive finish.

Pair your white looks anyway you want, accessorizing with a hat, jewellery and sweaters for a much-finished look. 


2. Blue

Monochromatic outfits don’t always have to be black; you should try blue as a fashionable alternative. blue has all the slimming qualities of black but doesn’t look as serious as black. Need a tip? Your blue pieces don’t need to be the same shade; combine different shades of the blue to add depth to what could have been an otherwise simple outfit.


3. Olive Green

Anyone can rock an olive green as a monochromatic outfit. Create a stunning olive green monochromatic look by mixing tops and bottoms with looser fits and details like buttons or pleats to add some excitement to what could have been a boring look.  


4. Red

Red monochromatic look is the best if you’re trying to make a bold statement with your outfit, you can never go wrong with red. For a more stylish fit, set aside your red tees and joggers and instead choose tailored separates that compliment your figure.


5. Black

Everyone’s favourite non-colour, black monochromatic outfits set the tone for the trend long before other colours found their way in. For a more refined look, try to make each piece of clothing the same shade of black; you can confirm this by holding them in different lights.



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