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F&S: Are You Having A Hard Time Choosing What To Wear? Here’s A List Of Occasions And Their Appropriate Outfits

F&S: Are You Having A Hard Time Choosing What To Wear? Here’s A List Of Occasions And Their Appropriate Outfits

Different occasions come with its own style and codes. Just as everything in life has got its Do’s and Don’ts, occasions have the same approach when it comes to choosing the appropriate outfits. It could be tricky to pick out the right outfit, accessories, shoes and bags for an occasion. It is not everytime you will be fortunate to be given a dress code. Here are some events we regularly attend and tips on outfits to make you look elegant.


Wedding Party

First of all when you hear about weddings in africa, you think about aso-ebi, gele, agbada, danshiki, geourge, fila and ankara. Weddings are always colourful, it is the culmination of a union, the unificaton of different entities and families. Be it your relatives’ or your best friends’, marriages are the panache for fashion and glamour. Make sure your make-up is on point, Use the search engine or magazines to get fashionable styles for your aso ebi, beads and gele. Choose the appropiate accesories to make you elegant. As an African woman, you need to look glamourous and classic at a wedding. Good colour combination is of the essence, your accessories must be in sync with your outfit same goes for your shoes and hand bags. Try to create your own trends and native styles.
Business Causal
Like the name business, a formal undertone is attached to it. The key is to wear something that your audience will approve of.  Its essential that you appear professional, capable and confidence without going overboard, never wear anything provocative. Put on a skirt, khaki, or dress pant paired with a long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve top. Consider cooperate attires like; Suitse, Business-style dresses, heels or smart low heels, with simple accessories to give it a touch.
Birthday Party
Elegance, class and sexy should be your theme for a birthday party. Birthdays parties are the best times to wear your best outfit that makes you look fabulous. You want to impress your friends and dignitries attenting the event. The occasions we attend are innumerable, so are the excuses to look one’s best. Wear strapless dresses that will make you look sexy, confident and popular; pair it with suede fabric shoe and accesories. This outfit can also be used for dinner parties.
Cocktail Party
Although it can be difficult to pick out your cocktail attire, the best way to be on the safe side is to wear outfits that are less formal and not too casual. Wear a short dress with some frill. Dont choose any flashy colour or big accesories. The classic little navy blue dress, light make-up, nude pump shoes matched with a nice purse makes a great cocktail attire. Always keep it classic and elegant.
Beach or Pool Party
It’s not a formal event but it is to be considered. This is the appropriate event to show off the hot legs and flat belly. You can wear your bikini beneath a long free maxi dress that flows with the wind. Colorful overalls and tops with very romantic and chic volants are also suitable for a beach party. For a perfect pool party, you can wear a swimsuit paired with shorts or a skit and gladiator sandals. A Play suit paired with simple accessories is also an excellent idea.
The aim of any individual attenting a funeral is to mourn someone familiar. You should be decently and appropriately dressed to a funeral,  this signifies your respect to the deceased. Black coloured outfits are globally known as a sign that a person is mourning. Your best dresses are not suitable for this events, it is not an avenue for you to show off. Try to dress formal; do not be the central of attention. In Africa, most family members and friends wear aso-ebi to show uniformity, love and respect for the dead.
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