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F&S: Best Looks From Blood Sisters Premiere

For the premiere, the guests were asked to be dressed in red and fugitive. These are our best looks of the night;

The Blood Sister’s film premiere is took place at Ebony Life Place, on Wednesday, May 4th 2022.

The Netflix four-part local series is written by Craig Freimond and Zelipa Zulu and directed by Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang. The cast is star studded; Kate Henshaw, Nancy Isime, Ramsey Nouah and many others.

Here are our red carpet best looks;

Ramsey looks really good in this striped agbada. He also looks like a rich corrupt politician too.

Nothing says badass like gold, leather and bandanas.

Sharon Ooja is keeping hot and fierce and we are here for it.

Uche Jumbo is a badass with short red hair, a bandana and stacks of gold chains. Love the splash of blood on the shirt too.

Inidima is tres fab in derin fabikunco. We especially love those shades, add to the whole ensemble.

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