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F&S: How To Look Absolutely Gorgeous In Green

F&S: How To Look Absolutely Gorgeous In Green

As the fashion revolution continues to impact the world of style, long-term trends are beginning to fade as short-term trends swiftly pass us by before we can even open our phone apps. Style influencers usually take the lead on colors, patterns, garment pieces, and more.

Social media has opened a vortex into many portals, countries, and cultures, that style now is really its true definition, which is the application of one own self to their clothing presentation.

But this doesn’t stop the waves from flowing, and a big wave of green simply hit some of the hottest style influencers to do. In the past two weeks, almost any and every style influencer who is someone showed us what they could do embracing the color green with their beautiful skin tones.

A few went all green but some played with other colors. The most important was the lessons to absorb from the professionals when it comes to wearing green and that is to be shared below.

Green Has To Be The Dominant Color

When wearing green it is primary that the color green is the dominant color in your outfit. Mix matching green can often result in an awkward or quirky presentation unless that is particularly the intent of the presentation such as the look below by @theladyvohdka.

Green has always had psychological elements relating to Earth, plants, and colors. So playing around with colors can work if handled well as commonly seen in gardens, however, it needs caution if green is not the dominant color.

Skin Colour With Green

Green goes perfectly well with brown skin, this has nothing to do with racism of preference or discrimination. But simply we have all grown to visually acknowledge green and brown from trees, so the two have always been a perfect match to everyone’s style taste buds. If you are white, or on the lighter end of the skin spectrum, you can easily get away with styling your grreen looks by throwing in some brown every now and then. Again this is not race-related but what we have all grown to see visually for years. See an example below.

When Wearing Green, It’s Best To…

Go Full Green! For dark skinned ladies, going full green is always the safest mode. See the looks below.

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