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F&S: Naomi Campbell Shine Stylishly At Andre Leon Talley’s Memorial In New York

51-year-old international model Naomi Campbell didn’t pull any breaks when it came to exerting extraordinary style at Andre Leon Tally’s memorial which was held at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.

Andre Leon Tally was a former editor for Vogue Magazine, which has been an instrumental organization in the growth of Naomi Campbell’s career.

Naomi Campbell pulled up to the Gothic Revival house of worship on West 138th St. in an “all-white vintage Rolls-Royce” wearing a feathered outfit that evoked “an angelic swan headed for a gospel brunch,” as the Times put it. Campbell was among those who spoke at the ceremony.

She later took to instagram to publish a few more words stating….
Dear Andre @andreltalley , still teaching us from above , most beautiful spiritually moving service a shift for our souls .,Fit for the King you are .The out poring of love tears and joy to celebrate no other .!!
André…I stand here before you today to tell you how significant you are / were. You will always be my chosen family, and I will miss you dearly.

Just as you lit up every room you walked in on this earth, I know you’re lighting up heaven right now. When the time comes, I hope we can continue our adventures on the other side.

May God lift you up high and place you on your deserved throne … fly high, king, now and forever more!

See her flaunt her feathered jacket below.

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