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F&S: Ranking Liquorose’s Birthday Outfits

F&S: Ranking Liquorose’s Birthday Outfits

Reality TV Star, influencer and now author, Roseline ‘Liquorose’ Afije had a two-week birthday soiree. Her birthday was on March 31st, but she celebrated it for about two weeks.

Her fans and brands surprised her with gifts and we were excited for her. She also had many photoshoots, we liked some of the pictures and disliked others.

Here is how we ranked them;

Liquorose went the boudoir way with this blue lingerie. We loved it! Do we think she would have looked better without the chunky pearl earrings and a stud in its place? Yes! But as far as her birthday pictures went, this was pretty good.

Come through Angel! The services of Ceo Luminee were sought for this and she delivered. The bodice is perfect, the detailing is intricate and the jacket makes the look edgy. But, without the jacket, the look is divine.
Yes, girl! This is one sultry look! The mini gown with the nude underlay and the detailing on the torso is certainly giving. The hair and the heels look divine too.

Take off that cape and maybe we will be able to stomach the outfit, there was just too much going on. The silk, the lace, the feathers, our eyes needed a break.


This look is a copy of Nengi Hampson’s Birthday look. I would much rather stick with Nengi’s. However, it was still a good look.

This outfit would have been perfect if the tailor did not make the nude undergarment inside look like an ‘underskirt’ we wore in secondary school. The makeup was popping though.

This aso-ebi look was completely unremarkable. It is not bad but it is not great either. Why would a young lady want to wear an aso-ebi?

This picture garnered a lot of likes and it was even one of our best pictures of the week but the gown has some issues.

My guess is a lion-like gown was the idea, they almost got it but missed its way at some point. In her defence, it is supposed to look like a custom. But, the black backdrop did not make the picture look good at all.

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