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F&S: Style Up Yourself With Abaya In This Holy Month Of Ramadan

F&S: Style Up Yourself With Abaya In This Holy Month Of Ramadan

Ever heard the word ‘Covered and Chic’? That’s the second name for Abaya. It exudes some Elegance that no other outfit can give. Abaya’s vary in designs and Colors but it a must have in every Muslimah’s Closet in Ramadan. They come in Open and Closed styles.

The Closed Abaya: This is all closed and covered up giving you an opportunity to wear all at once and all you need do is wrap up a matching scarf or another modest colorful scarf. Some closed Abaya’s for you to select.

And if you don’t like colors on your Abaya’s then this will be ideal, its black all through but beautiful still

Then there is the Open Abaya; these Abaya’s are also called Kimono’s. Its like a Robe, and this can be worn as an after dress in the Early Hours of the day when it’s very cold or at Night on your way back from the Masjid after Taraweeh. This Wardrobe essential also tells a lot about your taste in Fashion depending on how you match up your inner gown or a Leggings with Camisole.

This Open Abaya comes in Navy Blue and Cream while a Black Lacy does the touch up on the Color and plain garment

For the love of Gold and all that it beautifies, this Gold Embellished Abaya gives the needed detail to the Dresses that would have been considered regular

Hoodies are always in Vogue no matter the Outfit or Color. Hoodies like this Abaya with a belt and a fancy Alladin Cap is a timeless fashion piece for breezy gatherings in Ramadan.

It is important that Every Muslimah obeys Allah in this Holy Month so that she may earn all the benefits the month is loaded with. One of these ways is using head cover hijab. Over the years, females wear the simple plain Hijabs or wrap scarfs that requires some pins to hold to place. However, instant hijabs have come to save wrapping stress. Ranah Hijabs has being the latest type of Instant Hijabs Muslimah’s cherish like this beaded Hijab



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