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F&S: You Are Not A Boss ‘Til You Rock Your Coat Out-Of-Sleeve!

Coats are amongst the best fashion accessory to date. Feeling cold, put it on! Feeling hot, take it off! It’s that simple. Nevertheless, it still needs to be carried along, so in case you are feeling warm, stick your arms out the sleeves!

Maybe it’s the old Italian and American gangster movies, But there is definitely and supremely blessed leadership oversight when one rock coats out-of-sleeve. There is no explanation or technical reason as to why there is an extra inch S in the term boss when one does, except the psychological impact we have had of seeing years and years of bosses rock their coats out of pocket.

So it is that simple if you want to make a boss statement if you wish to make a ‘Teresa Mendoza’ statement give it a go and rock your coat out-of-sleeves. But most importantly know how to style it.

1. Always ensure the color of your coat is reflected in your outfit.
2. A bad is not necessary, it f****ing essential
3. The out-of-sleeve boss lady look only works with heels
4. Hats are not necessary, but they always help.

See some inspirational Out-Of-Sleeve looks below.

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