Funke Akindele’s Stepson Condemns Her Amidst Alleged Marital Crisis With JJC Skillz

Son of JJC Skillz and Funke Akindele’s stepson has claimed that the actress is not what people think she in a reaction to the couple’s alleged marital crisis.

Funke Akindele and her husband JJC Skillz are alleged to be having a marital crisis, which is why he has moved to the US to give his wife and himself some alone time and settle issues among them before he returns.

According to the blogger who broke the news, Funke Akindele has been treating her husband unfairly, especially with finances and taking private jobs aside from the family job they are both handling.

The son of JJC Skillz reacting to the news on a certain IG handle claimed that Funke Akindele is not who we think she is as he has lived with her for 2yrs and the house was a horror site, though he didn’t explain further, we can only imagine.

Everyone has their own flaws but based on what this blogger and JJC Skillz Son said, it’s obvious Funke Akindele needs to work on herself, knowing full well that these people are her family now.

Screenshot below;


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