Gary Neville Reveals Best Players In Manchester City, Liverpool Squads

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, has revealed who he feels are the best players in the Liverpool and Manchester City squad.

Neville picked Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne from the two teams as the best players.

He added that Virgil van Dijk is the only one to compete with Salah in terms of importance and star factor.

Speaking on the Gary Neville podcast on Sky Sports, the former defender said: “They know he [Salah] is number one. So can we get through without him?”

“So those Liverpool players come off today [Newcastle vs Liverpool] getting through without him, and City have got through without De Bruyne, and I think that is the two best players – I think Van Dijk competes with Salah in terms of importance – but those are the two star players. To come through those games without their two star players, the rest of the squad will feel a million dollars, and you have rested your two best players.”

Meanwhile, Man City sit on top of the Premier League table in the ongoing season, with Liverpool trailing by just one point.

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