Here Is How Gordon’s Celebrated This Year’s World Gin Day

Gordon’s, one of the world’s favourite gins, was the toast of World Gin Day 2022 in Nigeria, across 3 cities and in over 200 locations.

Over the years, World Gin Day has been seen as an invitation to gin lovers across the world to stop and enjoy the zest of life with a G&T.

This year, Gordon’s, one of the world’s favourite gins, switched up the tradition with a platform for 10,000 consumers to enjoy a refreshing G&T in over 130 locations across the country in celebration of World Gin Day.

With World Gin, Gordon’s continues to curate experiences for consumers to stop and enjoy every moment of life with Gordon’s Gin.

Keep up with @gordonsmoringa on Instagram to remain up to date with future Gordon’s experiences and look out for #ShallWe on social media.

Drink Responsibly. 18+

Here are highlights from Gordon’s World Gin Day celebration!

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