I Didn’t Like Ini Edo First Time I Saw Her – Denrele Edun

Popular Nigerian media personality, Denrele Edun on Wednesday disclosed that he didn’t like Nollywood actress, Ini Edo the first time he met her.

Denrele revealed this in a post on his Instagram account while celebrating the actress on her 40th birthday.

The media personality in his post also talked about his friendship with Ini Edo as she marks her birthday.

Denrele wrote, “The first time I saw you, I actually didn’t like you. But now I’ve come to understand you. ‘I dey your corner,’ Ini told me at the opening of her lounge.

“And that’s INI for you; blunt, truthful, and politely sarcastic with those all-pervading Eyeballs of hers that see everything (even if she pretends to be unaware).

“My WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) for life! Welcome to the fourth floor #iniedo . It suits you well.

“Better late than never; A happy 40th to the dangerously deliciously sexy Iniobong Edo Ekim.”

Denrele who shared one of their experiences at a show said, “I recall dragging her sometime in 2009 to the Soundcity studios in Lekki for her ‘Star Host’ episode.

“That day was an electrifying excitement in the office! The entire production, post production, management, admin and Media team gathered in the Studio to watch her. ALL MALE at that!

“I was worried that she might get uncomfortable and postpone the recording. She didn’t mind, actually.

“She told me, ‘They want a show right? I’ll give it to them!’. We laughed hard after that.”

Denrele described Ini Edo as “bold, brazen, unstoppable, and a fireball of seething ENERGY!”

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