I Recently Made #100 Million Alone From ‘PALOMA’- Peter Okoye Informs Angry PSquare Fan

 I Recently Made #100 Million Alone From ‘PALOMA’- Peter Okoye Informs Angry PSquare Fan

Nigerian singer Peter Okoye, better known as Mr P is putting Angry PSquare fans where they belong.

Since his debut as a solo artist, heartbroken Psquare fans have been asking the upcoming artist to reunite with his brother and bring back the Psquare group. Though the brothers have made it clear that they are never reuniting again, fans are helplessly hoping for a miracle.

Recently, a die-hard Psquare fan trolled Mr P on Twitter following the release of his new album, Mr Prodigal. The fan made it clear that he has no intentions of streaming his songs until he reunites with his brother.

Another fan rushed to Peter’s rescue and informed him that Mr P doesn’t need his Streaming. He informed the ignorant fan how much Mr P has made from the ticket sale of his virtual concert.

Mr P defended himself by breaking down how much he made from the sale of tickets. He also shared a screenshot of the tweet on Instagram with the caption:

“Let me say it again! This individuals are not haters they are just P2 heart broken fans and i understand.
Only PALOMA and JUST LIKE THAT dem don dey shake Dey shiver!
I will still wish dem well this weekend! Sha?? I have forgiven them!?? it’s over 4yrs now! pls you people should move on. No come get High BP for person matter.?????
I have an Album and a virtual concert coming up in 3days time! I can not be distracted! Just say a simple CONGRATULATIONS to me! It will not kill you”.

See Screenshot below



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