Learn to Create Wealth for Yourself

 Learn to Create Wealth for Yourself

Join the United Nations Private Sector Advisory Group on the 5th to 7th of July 2021 for the first of its kind virtual masterclass series on the Business of Agriculture.

The series is focused on sustainable agriculture development, alternative streams of income, and wealth-creating opportunities in the sector. The masterclass is free. If you are curious about agriculture, this is for you.

Register to attend on www.businessofagriculture.org and follow our social media handles @psag_nigeria for daily updates.

The Masterclass is featuring 8 sessions of business opportunities across the agriculture value chain, the different sessions are anchored by 15+ renowned experts within the sector.

Visit www.businessofagriculture.org to register for the Business of Agriculture masterclass, and do not forget to follow @psag_nigeria on all social media platforms for more information.


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