Naira Marley Reveals Ambition To Run For President, Fan Replies

A Twitter user, Daniel Regha, has unapologetically made it clear to Naira Marley that he’s not an exemplary role model after the singer made his presidential ambition known on social media.

Naira Marley, in a cryptic post, asked his fans and loved ones if they will vote for him if he picks that presidential form that is going for N100M for APC and the response was just amazing, but Daniel Regha thinks otherwise.

According to him, Naira Marley is not a good role model to become a president as his lifestyle is utterly displeasing and he has zero leadership qualities, saying his music is tasteless.

He then added that with his star power, there’s a lot he can do to make the world a better place but he chose not to hoping he turns a new leave and does things better because his current lifestyle is nothing good to write home about yet he wants to be president.

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