Nigerians Drag Cuppy For Tongue-Kissing Her Dog, Dudu

 Nigerians Drag Cuppy For Tongue-Kissing Her Dog, Dudu

DJ Cuppy has once again caught the attention of social media users, and no, it’s not for her exceptional talents.

This afternoon, Netizens ripped Cuppy to shreds after she shared a video of herself playing with her puppies, Du du and Fun fun.

In the video, the proud mummy of the two. picked up Dudu and gave him a kiss. The kiss wouldn’t have angered Netizens, if it was a harmless kiss on his fur. However, Cuppy decided to give the dog (Dudu) a lizard kiss- A lizard kiss is when partners kiss by touching tongues only, sans lips.

See below


Social media users wasted no time in dragging and bashing Cuppy. They left comments that Cuppy shouldn’t exchange bodily fluids with Dudu for the sake of her health. Others have connected her strange display of affection to what Harrysong posted about ladies buying dogs as sex toys.


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