No Cash For Nigerian Police, IG Baba Cries

 No Cash For Nigerian Police, IG Baba Cries

The Acting Inspector-General of Police Alkali Usman Baba has mentioned in a statement on Wednesday that the police have no money for their operations despite the serious security situation the country is facing presently.

He mentioned that without funding, yet faced with attacks on its assets and the killing of its officers and men in parts of the country, the police have become “Miracle Player” to be able to achieve whatever results they have recorded.

He majorly talked about poor funding when he met with House of Representatives Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila.

He told the Speaker: “We have not to account” to go and dip our hands and do the quick deployment in terms of mitigation or even proactively stopping what is to come.   Sincerely speaking, year-in, year-out, besides what we have as allocations, we have problems meeting emergencies.”

He said: “We are requesting that you look more into our predicament. We are really underfunded and there is nothing or less one can do without funds.

“Normally, operations should have a fund that you can quickly deploy to areas whether it is a natural or man-made crisis. The police do not have that at all. We always rely on our budgetary allocations which are not enough.

”I agree that one may not get completely what he wants even in his house.  We are managing what we have.

“The most essential thing I want to plead is for the House of Representatives  to look into the areas of funds for our operations.”

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