Oxlade Drags Lagos ‘Boujee’ Girls For Filth On Snap Chat

 Oxlade Drags Lagos ‘Boujee’ Girls For Filth On Snap Chat

Nigerian singer, Oxlade has found the inspiration for his next song.

The Ojuju singer took to Snapchat to rip boujee girls to shreds. In his post, Oxlade made it clear that Boujee girls are always single and lonely. He threw shade at them for waiting for their dream man who never comes their way.

Oxlade didn’t stop there, he went further to remind them how they chased away the men who truly cared about them. He also mocked them for being alone and now running after rich men to keep up with their fake life shenanigans.

Oxlade ended his drag by advising other girls not to be pressured by them. According to him, they are faking happiness with their ‘Small girl big God’ nonsense.

See Oxlade’s post below;

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