Ponzi Scheme: Chinmark Investor, Nuella Commits Suicide

The crashed Ponzi scheme, Chinmark Group has claimed its first victim.

Over the weekend some investors in the failed scheme were already threatening suicide, especially with the whereabouts of the owner, Marksman Chinedu Ijeomah unknown.

It was reported days ago that one Mrs. Nuella, who invested millions of naira without her husband’s knowledge, was on the verge of committing suicide.

She was, however, later rescued and taken to the hospital, with Mr. Charles Awuzie, with a verified Facebook account posting her account details and soliciting assistance for her.

But it was learnt that the victim did not make it and has now departed mother earth.

In a post on his page on Monday night, Awuzie wrote:

“Nuella – the lady who invested her family’s money with you and attempted suicide last month because of you..

Well, she couldn’t handle the disappointment and she left the world today.

I did my best to avoid possible Chinmark bloodshed…

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