Proof That Korra Obidi Cheated On Her Husband, Justin Dean, With Club Owner In Nigeria Surfaces

Leaked chat of Korra Obidi about her infidelity with a club owner in Nigeria has made its ways online.

Cutie Juls, a controversial blogger, claimed that Korra cheated on her husband with a Lebanese businessman while in Nigeria.

Additional reports alleged that the nightclub of the businessman was given a name in memory of their 3 months intensed romance.

From a screenshot made available on social media, Korra Obidi admitted to cheating and added that she thought Justin Dean had forgiven her and didn’t have to bring it up again.

Read the report below;

“Our source revealed famous Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi cheated on her husband, Justin Dean with Labanese Nigerian-based businessman, Joe who is the boss of Ciroc Nigeria.

“Another source close to Mr Joe Nazal revealed to us that Joe allegedly named his Lagos Night club, Moist as a memory of his 3 months intensed romance “serious relationship” as per bedroom matters.”

“The first 3 months was not too long after Korra and Dr Justin had gotten married and he left for the US to start processing for Korra to join him as his wife.”

“Afterwards, the relationship continued whenever Korra visited Nigeria.”

However, sources close to Korra said she has already apologised

Another source revealed that Korra has maintained she used condom on most occasions with Joe so it’s not really cheating.”

See the screenshot below;


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