Rooney Names Club To Win Title Between Liverpool, Manchester City

Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney, has backed Liverpool to win this season’s Premier League title ahead of Manchester City.

Man City are currently on top of the Premier League table with one point ahead of Liverpool, who are in the second position.

But Rooney believes Liverpool will ‘nick’ the Premier League title.

“I would prefer none of them, but obviously, one of them is,” Rooney said at the Premier League Hall of Fame ceremony via Beanyman Sports.

“I think Liverpool might nick it. I think they have really looked strong over the last few months and I think winning the FA Cup semi-final could have an impact on that.

“So I have just got a feeling that Liverpool might nick it. I hope not – I would rather City win it.”

Fellow Man United legend Gary Neville agrees with Rooney, insisting Liverpool have all of the ‘momentum’.

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