Saying ‘I Love You’ Makes You Vulnerable —Singer Chike

Nigerian alternative singer Chike makes shocking revelation on his social media page, Instagram.

The ‘Running’ crooner said saying the word ‘I love you’ makes him feel vulnerable while explaining why he doesn’t use the romantic words.

Chike added that despite him not saying the words, he sings about it in his songs. “I have never said “I love you.” I guess for me that’s just too vulnerable,” he started.

The amorous singer explained further, saying; “I get that feeling that it I say it , my bolz would shrink and maybe disappear. Happy I get to sing it though 😌.”


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It was earlier reported that Falz said he has never opened his mouth to tell a woman ‘I love you’ when he was discussing about his relationship life in the recent edition of TeaWithTayPod.

The ‘Bop Daddy’ crooner further clarified that he has never said the words to any woman at any point in his life, be it during childhood or university days.


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