Willie XO Humiliates Runtown Over Unpaid Debt

 Willie XO Humiliates Runtown Over Unpaid Debt

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Jocey Joseph Ekwuazi popularly known as Willie Xo has slammed his colleague, Runtown over an unpaid debt.

The Kraze singer took to Instagram to call out Runtown who allegedly is owning him money. Throwing direct shades at artists who failed to wish him a happy birthday, Willie Xo issued a stern warning to Runtown to pay back the money he owes him.

He stated that Runtown will not go scot-free for enjoying his money with no intention of paying it back. In his own words he said;

“Runtown, Pay me my money. Pay me my money. Midgets like you, you think say if you fit chop my money just dey do like this. When I see you, you go shake that money.  Cause I know say you no get am.”


Although Runtown is yet to react, Netizens are dragging Willie XO for his approach in handling the situation.  Many have condemned the singer for publicly disgracing Runtown whom he would have spoken to privately about clearing up his debt.

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