‘Yansh Wey God Gave Me, Get Lost’ —Actress Eve Esin Slams Body Shamers

Nollywood actress Eve Esin has tackled social media trolls who body-shamed her following a video she posted.

Eve Esin shared a video showing off her body as she jams to Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveler’ song and some followers came at her, insulting her butt.

Replying, Eve remarked that her bum is what God gave her. Another follower identified as @officialobianujusthair noted that Eve is forcing herself to slay as all body move was so fake.

Eve Esin responded to her asking that is she forcing to walk or make a turn and she pointed out that it takes one to know the other and ordered them to get lost.

Reacting to the exchange, one tinaomovo wrote; ‘This lady is in her 40s for Christ sake , despite her age she still looks younger and fresh y’all should stop all these unnecessary trouble please. She refused to do plastic surgery now is still a problem nah wah oh.

See the exchange below;

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